by Samuel Beckett



Directed by John Patterson


Our 5 star production of Samuel Beckett's Footfalls and Play enjoyed a sell-out run at The Jack Studio Theatre in February/March 2019.




The unique style of Samuel Beckett’s plays revolutionised theatre and secured his place as one of the greatest dramatists of the twentieth century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969. Beckett’s plays offer a bleak, yet tragicomic, view of human existence and often explore the futility of life itself. Other notable works include; Waiting for Godot, Krapp’s Last Tape, Happy Days and Not I.




A ghostly figure paces a bare strip of landing outside her dying – if not already dead – mother’s room. Dressed in tatters, she is clearly a shadow of her former self as she engages in conversation with the disembodied voice of her mother until her own light is eventually extinguished.




Three identical urns contain a man, his wife and his mistress. At rapid tempo, when prompted by an inquisitive spotlight, they each recount their own version of an unexceptional affair.



“Be sure you don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to see performances of Beckett’s shorter works.”  

The Beckett Centre.


Footfalls and Play Final-001





'Intense evening of Beckett at the Brockley Jack theatre, wonderfully performed and directed.'

(Dame Joan Ruddock)


'The performances were stunning and slick. What an atmospheric evening and one I won’t forget for a while.'

(Rebecca Gibbs)


'My first time watching a Beckett play!! I loved it! The use of striking images and ESPECIALLY the silences created a very memorable show!'

(Ben Dearden)


'I was left wanting more! The Q&A with the director & cast afterwards was super useful too - go see it!'

(Gareth Turkington)


'What a joy it was to have the opportunity to see two brilliantly and rarely performed Beckett plays!'

(Paul Brayward)



(Katherine Bourbon)


'Faultless production of Beckett's Play & Footfalls. A real treat for any Beckett fan and newbie alike.'

(Malcolm Jeffries)


'What a privilege to see these rarely performed masterpieces on stage. Really enjoyed the show tonight, hats off to the actors and lighting technician, I am in awe!! Insightful Q&A from director John Patterson too. Catch this if you can!

(Tim Larkfield)


'The full depth of Samuel Beckett's writing comes through in Angel Theatre Company's haunting production of Play and Footfalls.'

(Tom Jenson)


'My first ever Beckett play and... wow.'

(Benedict Gibson)


'Was absolutely mesmerized from start to finish. Slick, beautiful and thought provoking.'

(Shannon Lumbard)


'Beautifully interpreted by John Patterson.'

(Close Up Culture)


'Brilliant Beckett double bill. First time actually getting to watch Beckett on stage. You certainly leave the theatre still thinking!'

(Ciara Power)


'Haunting and atmospheric, with an insightful Q&A after to answer some questions and leave the others for me to ponder.'

(Jade Dowsett-Roberts)


'Brilliantly directed and performed, it was an incredibly atmospheric production with so much precision and detail.'

(Sarah Kerr)


'There was such a sparky atmosphere & sense of occasion.'

(Barbara Garfath)


'Brilliant and engaging performances all round, and thank you to John Patterson for a really interesting Q&A following the show.'

(Tamsin Lynes)


'Glad to have had my Beckett introduction be masterminded by John Patterson in a beautifully crafted staging at the Brockley Jack. Confusing, enthralling, and existential crisis-giving. Now for the plays to haunt me until I see them next.'

(Joe Tapper)


'My Beckett virginity is now gone, and although it made me crazy and make me question everything, I couldn’t take my eyes away. Brilliant performance and direction!'

(Theo Watt)


'Haunting and captivating... left me mystified but somehow also totally liberated.'

(Daniel Mccaully)

Please note that the lighting in this production is operated brilliantly by our talented Stage Manager, Francesca Coleman, not by Oliver Fretz. The lighting was designed by John Patterson and Karl Swinyard, following Beckett’s strict instructions in the text. Oliver is credited in the programme as an LX technician (not operator/designer) as he programmed the lighting board. Therefore, any praise in the below reviews attributed to Oliver actually belongs to the aforementioned persons!    

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