We are delighted to be presenting two of Samuel Beckett's short plays; Footfalls and Play. These will be performed at The Jack Studio Theatre from 26th February - 9th March 2019.


PLEASE VISIT www.brockleyjack.co.uk TO BOOK TICKETS.


Directly following the performances on Tuesday 26th February and Tuesday 5th March, the director John Patterson will host a Q & A for audiences members. This is free and open to all who have booked a ticket for these nights. John will share details of his approach to directing the pieces and offer insights into the world of Samuel Beckett.  Early booking is advised for these dates.



The unique style of Samuel Beckett’s plays revolutionised theatre and secured his place as one of the greatest dramatists of the twentieth century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1969. Beckett’s plays offer a bleak, yet tragicomic, view of human existence and often explore the futility of life itself. Other notable works include; Waiting for Godot, Krapp’s Last Tape, Happy Days and Not I.



A ghostly figure paces a bare strip of landing outside her dying – if not already dead – mother’s room. Dressed in tatters, she is clearly a shadow of her former self as she engages in conversation with the disembodied voice of her mother until her own light is eventually extinguished.



Three identical urns contain a man, his wife and his mistress. At rapid tempo, when prompted by an inquisitive spotlight, they each recount their own version of an unexceptional affair.




“Be sure you don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to see performances of Beckett’s shorter works.”  

The Beckett Centre.

Footfalls and Play Final-001